Friday, September 6, 2013

Blogger Fails!

Hi all, you're probably wondering why I NEVER post anything on this blog. Or maybe not. But the answer is that I can't get the Blogger photo upload to work consistently. So, I have given up!

I have started uploading photos and videos at

There is a password for them; email me if you'd like it, please at

Thanks! And happy baby-looking :D

Thursday, August 1, 2013

4 months!

Our cute girl is 4 months old! Here is a picture of her coming home after her shots at her 4 month appointment. Good news! She's gained 3 lbs 5 oz since her 2 month appointment, which bumps her up to the 25th percentile in weight. Wooooo!

Here is a picture of her big smile (dainty outfit courtesy of Grandma Elizabeth).

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Baby with Bear

Another picture from the past month--this one is from 10 weeks old. Cute striped onesie suit, leggings that she is pretty much too tall for, even in this picture. And a bear.

This picture also shows off how much she likes to jam her hands into her mouth to chew on. This used to be her hunger cue, but now she's just interested in eating her hands...whenever.

Cosmonaut Matilda

She had this pj suit that for all the world reminded me of a Russian cosmonaut cloth under-suit, circa 1960. So I had to take some space themed pictures against the backdrop of my sun and stars blanket.
Komrade Matilda takes her mission very seriously....

But space is fun, too!

She is 7 weeks old in these photos...and pretty much outgrew this pj suit by the end of the week.

Sleeping! In the past...

Playing catch up...again...I figured I would give you all a montage of sleeping Matilda! There are lots of these pictures. Mostly because she has taken to sleeping primarily when she's on me.

It also occurs to me that these pictures immortalize all of the terrible things we do to get her to sleep. Don't judge! I know that the official recommendations are on their back, by themselves, on a firm surface, with nothing near them...but I also know how our baby sleeps. Which is on her side, on us, on a pillow, with something heavy on top of her, or with a hankie clutched in her hands.

These pictures span a whole month (!!) so you can see her grow before your eyes....
Sleeping in her vibro chair (the other one) is a rare thing...but occasionally she'll be deeply asleep enough to put down. This is from May 16th--7 weeks old.

A big yawn! 
This past month we have noticed she likes an upright posture most of the time. She sits very nicely when propped up in a couch corner. She has great head control and good core strength! This one is also from around 7 weeks.
This picture is actually taken from my perspective after she's done eating. She's a little burrowy baby and likes to burrow up against my stomach when she's nursed and ready to sleep. This one is from around 8 weeks. Note the little wrist rolls and growing bald spot on the back of her head. Oh well, baby hair is never a long-term proposition.

In the car on the way back from her two month shots. She got 3 shots and a drink and did a great job with them! She definitely cried for each, but calmed right down. Then she slept for 3 hours in a row. So Stu and I went out to lunch and enjoyed a sleeping baby. She is 9 weeks old in this picture.

Another post-nursing picture (the dark red pillow is a good give-away). This onesie is sized 0-3 months old. Hurray! She's finally out of newborn clothes (for the most part). She's still slim enough for them, but her legs and torso are too long for most of the newborn sized stuff. I'm sure I'm one of the only moms that's gotten great use out of the newborn sized things we got...This picture is from the first of June: she's 9.5 weeks old.

Grammy Nammy suggested that this one be called "Sleeping Beauty". You can see she's really grown by this picture: 10 weeks old! Two wrist rolls now and cheeeeeeeks.

A recent shot: 11.5 weeks old. Yes, she really likes having stuff put on top of her when she sleeps. Often it's my hand or an arm or a blanket. But in a pinch a pillow works, too. She's a cuddly little girl.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

A looooong week

It's been a verrry long week for us- another trip down to CT, a variety of (now resolved) car troubles, and a few late nights at the library. I have a huge back-log of pictures to post. I may just post them all in one big chunk. But here is one I took the other night of baby girl sleeping. Note the cool lighting effect!

I think this is around 10 weeks old. Baby Matilda is 11 weeks old as of yesterday! My, how the time flies...

Monday, June 3, 2013

Baby and Filly

The barn where Stu boards Steven in New York has a breeding mare. She just foaled on Mother's Day (how sweet!) and we went to visit the little filly on May 26. Her name is Little Prudy and she was named for the owner's mother.

Your daily dose of cute: cute baby horse and cute baby baby
Matilda obliged us by staying very deeply asleep the whole time, despite the rather chilly and gross weather.